Monday, September 7, 2009

Banning Old 100 Watt Bulbs for Sustainable Development

Consumer groups in Europe have shown tremendous support towards banning old style 100 watt light bulbs for energy conservation. This step has been taken in support of new energy saving models of light bulbs that can be beneficial in achieving sustainable development. Taking effect from September 2009, you won’t find the old incandescent version of 100 watt bulbs in the shops anymore. Instead, low wattage bulbs will be made available to the consumers as per the system agreed by experts in Europe. A well thought out decision, isn’t it?

You will be relieved to know that due to this resolution, the emission of CO2 will go down considerably. This means you will also be contributing to the cause of environmental sustainability to a great extent. The new and more compact florescent lights will help you save up to 80% of energy that was earlier used by the old 100 watt bulbs.

I am sure you will also agree to the views held by consumer’s association of Europe over this matter. According to them, this phasing out process is going to improve energy efficiency and make consumers more aware about new methods of implementing sustainable development. But one important questions that arises is – are there any drawbacks associated with the use of these new and energy efficient light bulbs? Well, the answer is yes there are few. These bulbs have high content of mercury which might pose health concerns to some extent. It will be of no use to consumers who need the old style 100 watt bulbs for light sensitivity or any such health related problems. However, all said and done, I would certainly extend my support to this decision because one can’t deny the benefits these blubs will have on the environment and consumer’s health.

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