Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sustainable Development with Heifer International

Now is the time for companies to follow a holistic approach and promote sustainable development. Heifer International, a non-governmental organization has been making significant contributions to this cause. It donates a wide variety of trees and animals to needy families all around the world. The organization has developed global initiatives to end hunger and poverty. Due to its efforts, not only millions of hungry people all over the world are getting fresh vegetables, milk and eggs but many poor families have also started their business and built new homes.

Heifer International follows the strategy of ‘passing on the gift’. The recipient of the animal is required to donate the offspring of the gifted animal to someone in need. This makes them an equal partner with the organization in fighting poverty and hunger. The organization is also involved in transporting food, providing training on animal husbandry, sustainable farming and community development.

Heifer meets all standards for charitable solicitation set by the Better Business Bureau. It is also a member of BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance. People who donate money to support this cause can also designate their gift to certain country programs. It feels great to learn how a simple strategy of ‘passing the gift’ can create a large network of self reliance, hope and dignity. More organizations need to realize the importance of sustainable efforts and set such examples for ensuring a better future.

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